Friends who knows me better than me

Disclaimer :- This is an imaginary story from me and no relation with anyone living or death. And the concert mentioned also imaginary. Please forgive my grammer mistakes. I hope you will get the essence and innocence what I try to convey here. If any non malayalee reading it Vineeth is a great Director, singer, Script Writer, Music director, etc in mollywood and also god father for alot of young and new talents. Thaikudam bridge is number one music group in malayalee world and they are gaining popularity in non malayalee audiance too. Please read the story below.

I felt lonely, felt helpless, tired. It was that kind of a day when you are figuring out your own mistakes and blaming yourself for everything. I sat my head down in my bed and was about to cry.

“Its all your fault, you made your life a mess. 

Your girlfriend left you.

You are about to be fired from comapny due to layoffs

You dont have any future plan when your retired parents are depend upon you.

Your relatives going to make hell number of stories on you so as the concerned neighbours.”

I was repeatedly saying these sentences to myself and enjoying it like an advicer and worrying because of it like the victim at the same time.

I look around like a prisoner and felt all the object my room blocking me to move on from this disgusting situation.

Fan recollect my good times with my girlfriend

Cupboard take me to my good office days

Chair showed me the faces of my parents

Relatives and neigbours come to my mind when i looked through the window.

I started to cry after all these memories hit me. Yes i was totally exhausted, panicked person at that moment. That happens when you come across a situation where alot of things went wrong and you think alot.

I closed my eyes to rescue me from all these thoughts. I felt good for a moment. But, suddenly the darkness gave me a solution. I felt confused whether to go with or not. Somewhere in my mind, something was lashing out at me for not doing it. But, in these circumstances, i decided to go with this easy option to escape from everything.


This moment is very crucial, because you are already decided it and your brain will give you all the way to fulfill your need. More like a robot, i findout a shaving blade which is easy option for suicide.

I sat with with this blade and looked at it like never before. I admired it as i find it one of the most beautiful thing in the world. At last, this simple piece of steel was  going to rescue me from all my problems, tensions. I felt more relaxed and was thinking how to cut my wrist for a quick and harmless suicide.

I figure out the way and sketched the exact place where i should cut. Since the blade was brand new, didnt had a doubt about its sharpness. While I was moving blade to my left wrist, i heard a calling bell voice.

I felt frustated because that calling bell destroyed my concentration and preparation. I looked above and told god “you are not done yet haa? You don’t want me to join you? Why?” Same time bell ran again and again and again.

I shouted ” dont play with it, am coming”

I went to the door and opened it. I saw an angry face looking at me straight. He was none other than my best friend. “Son of a b****. Why your phone is switched off?” I am calling you from yesterday. Come on get ready. We have to be quick or else we will miss it” 

I stand still there and i tried to oppose him but, he didnt allow me to talk. With all his authority being my best friend he ordered me to get ready within 10 minutes. Next thing he done made me completely helpless. He took his phone , connect it to earphone and attached in his ear, then increase the volume to full. The to make it more worse, he took my phone and shouted to me that, if you are not ready within 10 minutes, promise to my mom that i will broke your phone. Without any option, I went to room and came back within 5 minutes. He smiled and me and said ” follow me, dont worry, not going to kill you bro”. I murmured that i wish that was the case.

He took me to pheonix mall in his bike and it was crowded more than usual. He walked inside and i followed him like a woke up baby who dont want to walk. Finally we reached to a concert and it was too packed. I asked him ” who is performing bro?” He said ” The Thaikudam Bridge Bro” He smiled and probably he was expecting a big smile in return. But i gave him a fake one, just to please him. Most probably, he understood it and he stay calm for a while. After sometime, his whatsapp rang and soon after reading it he took me behind the stage. I find it strange, but i wasnt in the normal mood to fight with him.

When we reach there, all my besties are ganged up there and they were praising someone. After the first sight rituals of besties, he asked them, whether he came or not. Soon I asked with curiosity “who?”. Dont know all ignored me. I came back to i dont give a damn pose. Few minutes later, a small heighted guy was walking towards us. After a close look I murmured to my friends ” look he somewhat look like Vineeth Srinivasan”. All looked at me and laughed and told him in a high voice ” Sir, he is telling you look like Vineeth” . By the time he reached and joined by laughing with them and said “No, brother, i dont look like Vineeth. I am Vineeth”

His world famous voice struck me and i felt living in my dream. One of my bestie pinched me at the right time for get out of my awkward staring at Vineeth. I was in shock, wasnt able to figure out whether to shake hand with him or not, speak with him or not. I still stood like a shocked kid. Since, i was not doing nothing, he proceeded with his question. “Hey, they said you have some good stories, if you are ok could you please tell me about them? They know my hotel and I am there for 2 days, when you are ready, please let me know so i could check my schedule. Ok, for now i have to catch Thaikudam, its my surprise collaboration with them. Please enjoy the show”. He tugged my shoulder slowly and went to stage.

Those words took me out of the world and i was feeling the heaven even before the suicide. I couldnt move an inch. I just looked at my friends, they were jumping around me with joy. After settle down, they said, “we will tell you how this happen, but, now be ready to live your life bro. This is what you wanted and god gave it to you. Make the most of it. We know, if you were spending time alone, would have even suicided idiot. Such a fool you are.” They started laughing and broking my freeze state, i also laughed and said ” like the famous meme, i cant loose you guys, you guys know about me more than i do”. That made all laugh hard and we had a group hug. But all of a sudden on of them asked ” one minute, is that mean you were thinking for a suicide?” All kept mum and looked at me. I kept my head down and blushed then said “almost tried”. I heard one word ” attack” then all of them were hitting me from every possible way. Thanks to Security, he come and rescued me. I was still blushing and told him “nothing serious brother, just friends fun” he murmured angrily and went away. All my friends looked at me angrily and then looked each other. They slowly started smiling and that become laughs. I too joined them with lots of pain in my body. They took me in their shoulders and walked in front of the stage. Vineeth was singing with Thaikudam and giving a musical extravaganza to all the fans. Me, hanging my friends shoulder and was enjoying it. I thought about the all event happen to me that day. 

Why I was so sad when i have such friends? Why didnt I talk to them and why I was thi king about suicide all of a sudden? 

I didnt think much about the answer but, what I understood that, all these events made way for me understand the value of my friends in my life. They really know me better than me. They are the reason, why I have chance to fulfill my dream life of becoming a writer. That hope gave me alot more confident strength. Now I am not thinking about my ex. I am not worried about my job. I have the confident that, I can treat my parents well, and I dont care about what society thinks about me. Thank you god for me giving such great friends, thank you god for interrupting me at the right time or else, i would have been arguing all my life topics with you one on one.

I was happy and enjoying the moment. The moment i felt the best of my life. Although i was beaten badly by my friends, i loved that and asked for a group hug again. We did it again and they called me stupid. We laughed again and focus on Vineeth’s music and danced with the music.

That was my second life. The life what I dreamed. I hope all of you get a second life. And all of you have great friends like me. Happy friendship day 😉😊😊😊😊.

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  1. Hi Jithin I enjoy reading all ur stories as they are reality based and short ones. I wait and look forward for Your next story. All the best and keep it up. Take care

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