An Annoying Dog

“Why is he barking at everyone?”. I asked at the security with anger. “Sir, he is afraid sir” he said with a smile. That smile doesnt cool me down and I looked at the dog like he is one and only irritation and disturbance in my life. “For god sake call the municipality and let them take him or kill him soon. Cant bear his tantrum everyday. Not anymore”. I shouted these words to none and looked at the security again. He was still smiling, and I felt he is not talking me seriously or else his soft corner for the dog force him to ignore my order. “Huh, this world is crazy” I get into lift uttering it.

After reaching my flat, I throwed my bag somewhere and get into my comfy dresses. Soon I took a cigarette to cool down myself. It wasnt just a dog which was bothering me.

Increasing expectations in job, force for marriage from parents, not getting an offer to switch company to have a good financial level, monotonous life were making my life extremely boring and vulnerable to depression. These are the moments when you dont know whether you are doing right or wrong. Alot of time, i find myself in a situation to quit this job and do something interesting. But, just like other indians, responsibility, insecurity, society pressure let me decide my boundary restricted to this IT job.

I placed myself in balcony to smoke and relax a bit. My apartment is surrounded with a bit greenery and most of the time can enjoy the quiet and calm atmosphere. Just i was about fell into relax mode, that dog again started to bark and a series of bark disturbed me more than before. If i had a gun in my hand, i would have shot him to death. I looked at him and my face was red with anger. I stared him like I find someone to offload my worries by hurting him. When the stare was enough i turned my head a spot another head which was staring me with a smile. It was my security again with a smile which indirectly messaging me “let him go sir” like he is the guardian of that dog. I cursed my day and went inside.

This dog is already there when i was shifting to this apartment. Most of the flat members knew him. I never got the clarity, why all the members are ignoring him that too he bark at every single person come in any vehicle. Might be because of the smile security gave them, or else we have special alarm 24*7 to know if any vehicle came in our component. My investigation never got into any point.

I always had trouble with dogs. In my childhood, one dog chased me and one uncle from the crowd came and rescued me. After that, i always tried to avoid these species. However, they are too good in reproduction, I could see them everywhere. And some stupid guys even spend alot of money and care them like their child. Stupidity at its peak.

I shut all the windows and doors to make sure his terrible voice do not hit my eardrums. Once I made myself satisfied, i started smoking again to get into the utmost relax mode. I still could hear some low voice of him, yet I ignored him as each puff were working well for me.

Suddenly I woke up. First few seconds, i was recollecting, who am I and where am I now. When I open the tab for a face wash I realized that, water is over. Unusually, it felt too hot which made me realise that power is not there. That means, no connection to tv, internet, mobile.etc. And to add to it, you cant even drink water. It seems like time machine ran back to the evolution of humans although they had enough water. That mean current situation is even worse. I again cursed my luck and this time with alot of dissapointment and helplessness.

I stepped out of the flat to meet my only hope to stay connect with mankind. I went down and sat down with security. When you are living in apartment, you are more connected to security persons than your neighbours. While i was sitting with them, few people from apartment came and ask about the water and electricity. Trust me, i never saw them before. All came down, ask the same question and showed their dissapointment and frustation and went back to their flats. Interestingly, one of the security guy was tracking the number of flat members enquired and who dont. With a curiosity, i asked them. “Are you sure all will come and ask this?” He smiled and nodded “if not atleast they will call and ask”.

We discuseed about their life as security and their details about the hometown etc which i never care to ask before. They are from Nepal and working here for last 2 years. Once in a year they will got to nepal with their savings. On my question on missing family they replied that, we are doing all these for them only so there is no point of getting emotional, its all about filling the stomach sir. He again smiled.

I find a bit relaxed now, my life is not that bad. And talking to them make me realize, there are many things going around me which i am not aware or ignoring in this busy life. Anyway I was enjoying that moment, no power, not internet connectivity, no whatsapp or facebook to distract me. Just i was talking to some good people who is genuinely hard working for their family. I was talking to new people which is very rare in this busy world.

Suddenly that dog started to bark. To my surprise, i didnt find it annoying. I looked at him and keep stared abit longer. He is standing near to a tree and whenever a vehicle comes, he bark and jumps before them. I asked the security about the dog whether he knew something about its past. He again smiled and that smile made me curious.

He said ” Sir, he was owned by one of the flat member here. They brought him here and their son used to play with him every day. That sir told me that, this dog is the best buddy of his son and both care each other very much. Anyone could easily understand their chemistry. This dog used to wait for his arriv from collegr and even though he was in college, he used to play with this dog every evening like a small kid. This dog is very sharp and he would sense if anything going to harm his buddy. We used to play with him by attacking the boy and the dog used to bark and come between us to make us away from him”

I looked at the dog and looked him with a different prospective or can say with more respect. He was still waiting under the tree waiting for the vehicle..

I again looked at the security and he continued “things were going fine, and one day that sir brought his son a new bike. Son was too excited so as this dog. Dont know how these little creatures read their bosses.” That made me smile, although I dont like them, I always wondered, how they too comfortable with human. ” Then sir, son went for a drive. Father told him to be careful he nodded and went for the ride. However, he didnt wear the helmet. Everyone went inside the flat except this dog. He waited for him at the same position he is now” I looked at the dog and smelled something bad coming up kn the story. Security continued ” we were also looking at the dog and were passing comment on his commitment for his buddy. Few minute later, we heard the bike sound. He was coming back. The dog got excited so as the boy . Suddenly something happend and he lost his control. I guess he wrongly increase the accelerator and bike jumped when it hit that hump. The boy fell on his head and to make it more worse bike also chased him and hit his head. That was one of the worst moment in my life. Cant forget it. We called the ambulance although it was too late. This dog, ran till the hospital following the ambulances. Once his body took back here dog too came back and from that day, he is doing this. After that tragic incident, that family vacated from here. They tried hard to took him with them, but he refused to go. That’s why I always have soft corner for him”

I was speechless. More accurately a drop of tear was flowing without my knowledge. I turn my face towards him. He still waiting for the vehicles for barking at them and slow them down to make them safe just before that hump. I scold myself for thinking to kill him, for the hate i generared for him. I wish such genuinity and sense every man could had.

I looked back to security and smiled at him. He return it back. Next thing I did was, stood up and walked towards the dog. He saw me coming and started waving his tail. I sat there and pampered him and he find it very comfortable. In a lower voice I said sorry to him and he looked at me with his innocent face. I stared him for a while with love and respect and came back to my seat. On the way back i thought of making him my best buddy.

I totally ignored my issues with dogs. I totally find myself more sorted and stabilized than before. I thanked god for that power cut and water shortage which make a way to show me another hidden world which never would have figured out otherwise. There are many things to explore than just living your life within the job circle.  We often forgot or ignore our personal spaces and interests because of our professional commitments. Now here a dog showed me another aspect of life. He showed me what is a real commitment and love. He showed me even aminals have life and feeling. Before that i never even cared about any animals, forget animals, not even about any other person. I hope i could use my life in more better way than now.

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