Pyppin Chuvattile Pranayam– Review

November 25th I stepped into the Movie theater to see an expected light hearted time pass movie ‘Pipin Chuvattile Pranayam’. It was the second day of it’s release and crowd came in good number, could say more than what I expected.

Reasons are

  • Because Theatre is in Marathahalli, Bengaluru.
  • Movie expected to be a simple comedy movie since typically the star cast were carried more comedy image in malayalam industry

So me and almost houseful viewers start experiencing the movie.

And do you want to know what got into my mind after the movie?


The movie indeed is not just a love story, or the main plot of the movie is not at all love. This story goes around the struggle of an island near to Cochin where all islanders facing drinking water shortage and pollution and ignorance in maintenance made their life more difficult to live each day. The story conveyed a good message to protest with what talent you have when something is going wrong in our society.  It also conveyed the black side of Politics, News channels and their greed for TRP. All these well showcased by director and crew in a realistic and funny manner which is appreciable.

Sudhi Koppa

Although all done a good performance, One man really stood out and he made me cry in those emotional scenes. ‘Sudhi Koppa’ the way he portrayed the character’s pain was immensely applaudable and his acting took the level of the movie to the much needed attention to the main plot of the movie. Appreciative part is that, he carried that character till the end to let us know how that incident still affected him. Really, one more talented actor to our Malayalam industry. Credit to the casting crew and director to give him such role to prove his acting skills.


This would probably the best movie of Neeraj Madhav in terms of acting skills. However, he clearly overshadowed by other experienced actors. However, I felt he was the best for this role for this movie to happen. He really fit into the local boy what script demanded.


Dharmajan Bolgatty’s performance was something a catch to watch. His character contributed to show the struggles of island natives facing even during marriage proposals. He once again proved how subtle he can act to the core or reality and put smile on our face. He even succeed to let us think when that messenger notification comes after the tragic incidents happened. He is stepping into higher levels of perfection after every movie.

imagesGaffer and Thesni

Gaffer Idukki showed in one of his memorable character as Reba’s Father showing all the insecurity and concern about a common malayali father go through. Thesni Khan as his wife well supported him with her effortless acting.


Reba on the other hand to is a strong character and Heroine lead, however somewhere Director lacked to show her importance in the movie. There are sequences where she initiate and help the squad, but the importance given to that scenes was too low to cut short to flow scenes without any dialog. Hence, I couldn’t see her best performance in this movie.

Sarath Kumar in Pippin Chuvattile Pranayam

The villians of the movie were done justice to the movie Sharath(Appani Ravi) and his partner(I tried to search but didn’t get the name) were good with their roles and definitely good talents to flourish in malayalam cinema.


When look into other characters, Aju Vargheshe was more like a cameo done justice, however his role was more serious than what we expect from him normally. Very Famous mudiyan and boys gang done a great job and it looked very natural when they acted. Hope they get more challenging roles in the future. And all other supporting actors, from Narayanan kutty to the Action hero Biju fame smiling women and all gang of island actors were done justice to movie to make it more realistic than just slapstick comic movie.

Overall its a good movie and if someone like to think more, there are good messages conveyed here which is a good part. Wouldnt say its a great movie. However, looking at the expectation, it comes out like a big surpirse with good content. Good Job director Domin D silva and crew.

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