On A Cozy Morning

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It was that time of the year. I woke up into a dehydrated frozen self which was not welcoming at all. Even though I am in my cozy bed in a well protected apartment, I find reasons to blame my life. I was hardly able to move or rather say, hardly wanted to move out of bed because of the sudden change in climate. I called my mom for tea, again, adding more power to my voice. As we learned, as per Newton theory, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, Mom fired back with more force and added her list of complaints to it. I blamed myself for the impatience and opt to use earphone and music to escape from that complaint attacks. After a while, Mom came and give me tea and went back by murmuring something to herself. A cozy morning in bed with my favorite mom’s tea. That morning looks perfect to me.

Tea gave me some heat and strength to get up from my bed. As we see in the movies, I went directly to balcony to see the fresh Bengaluru in the morning. That will add more refreshment to enjoy my tea. Bengaluru is filled with trees and more trees if you are in residence area until the traffic take over during day time. I sipped my tea and observe the trees, bird, their sweet voices, morning walkers, etc. it was so warm to see such an atmosphere within a city. These visuals reminded me my childhood. I wish, I could relive those days again.

Have a way finishing my tea, I noticed one mid aged man and his little kid is sleeping at the footpath. I opt to ignore it since it was nothing new. Suddenly my mom hit me with her hand. Not before escaping from the shock she took off my earphone and scolded me for not attentive as she was calling me for a long 5 minutes. It still not clear to me, how I can listen to bird’s voice not my mom’s. Nevertheless, again I come under her fire and now its not look like a perfect morning. She showed me my blanket and one big hole in it. And yes, she find the reason too. As per her, I was using Laptop and Mobile over the blanket which made it heat up resulted in a big hole. Although the accusation was  senseless, I relieved that no other dirty accusation was put on me.

On her way back she told to fix it or else throw it in bin, of course with all her frustration. I couldn’t say a thing, because I am not sure how it happened. That is a big hole, still just at the end of the blanket hence, still usable. I returned to old position and start sipping tea. Didn’t find that sip refreshing since, it became a cold tea. With disappointment, I looked around again. My eyes struck again at those father and kid. They were having a thin blanket which is not good at all. With my own experience in the morning, I knew, they are suffering a lot. To my own surprise, my damaged blanket comes to my mind. Although it reusable, I already got approval from my mom to throw it away. With some inner joy, I took that blanket and start to walk out of home. Some force or excitement was driving me which also helped me to ignore the cold outside. I get down via stairs, cross the door and went near to those father and kid. I called them, with shivering face, they both looked at me. They were surprised as no one used to care about their existence. With a wondering face, they get up with their thin blanket. With a smile, I give the blanket to them.

I could see their, surprising yet, unsure face. At last, I give the blanket to kid who was more clear about receiving it. It is just one, however, big enough for 2 of them to use. Father and kid gave me an innocent smile and what they done next surprised me. They took the old blanket and put it over the dog who was sleeping near to them. that was a nice gesture. I looked at them and said ‘Good job’ although they cant understand it. On my way back as a satisfied donor, my mom was looking all these from the balcony. For the first instance, I thought she may not like it. But, just a moment later, she smiled at me like a proud mom.

Yes, That was indeed a perfect Morning :).

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