New Year– Plan to make a better of you

Today is 1st day of 2018. I felt the same as before. obviously, what is going to change overnight. this year, I don’t even had the enthusiasm to change myself. kind of rough feeling inside. I woke up into facebook and whatsapp checking the messages. There are alot may be more than what I expected. However, It didnt made me happy. Each time I was scrolling facebook, I was trying to find something interesting. There were many posts and stories, but none of them made me happy. All my loved ones are celebrating the New Year. but somehow, I didnt find attractive.

I didnt find an exact reason for this odd man out behaviour. Probably I am not happy with me. probably with this society and its illogical rituals. Probably with the world and its corruptions. Or may be I am not a person to be happy with lots of celebrations and being in the crowd. I like to Travel and write about it. If I get some penny from to live, I would be the happiest person. Lets be more realistic. In this new era, freelancing are the new way to live more happily and peacefully. The stress level in such jobs are minimal since you are working as per your schedule and it gives all the flexibility. Yes, my job killing me. I dont want to work like a slave and end my life like one. This year, I will make up to what I never thought in last few years. To make me happy. Not being lazy, but being active. There is a difference between being lazy and enjoy life and being active and enjoy life. Being active doesnt mean you have to be more talkative and social. It also means to do what you love to do.

Life is only one, Do what you love to than doing what other want from you. They will only force you down to make their life easy. You have to find a way to come out and live your life. Dont run behind money, run behind your passion. You will achieve happiness and peace in your life which is more important than money.

Wishing you all a great year where you rebuild yourself to what you really want to be…..

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