“You need Paper Wipe?” I asked her with concern. With a trouble voice and wet eyes she replied “No, it’s OK”.

We met at a wedding of my relative and she happens to be a friend of my cousin sister. From the the first look we had, she started behaving like someone I know for long. There wasn’t any awkward starting trouble in conversation and during the whole wedding we enjoyed like a close friend. These are the moments, we like to live in any event. These are the things we dream before going anywhere. After all, the life was too dry before attending this wedding.

After the wedding got over and housekeeping work was going on, we sat in a corner and started to talk about each other. That conversation give us few funny facts that, we both are working in the Same Domain, although for different company. We are from same college, but never met. I find it so catchy and heart warming to find someone so connected in an unexpected way.

Suddenly our conversation took unhappy way when I put the relationship status in plate. She started to talk about her recent Breakup and how badly it happened. She was so into it that, started crying suddenly. I was so concerned about someone watching us as we a boy and girl sitting in a corner and she is crying like hell.

“You need Paper Wipe?” I asked her with concern. With a trouble voice and wet eyes she replied “No, it’s OK”.

She settle down and give me a pleasant smile. Trust me. that was one of the most beautiful moment I lived. More to that she said something I still want to hear. “Thank you for this day. Because of you, I enjoyed a lot and forgot about the past. Thank you so much. BTW can I get your number?”. That was it, I was dancing inside and with a well tried attempt to not to show my excitement, I gave her my number.

From that day onward, The day and Night, Breakfast and dinner, lunch and snacks, work and vacation.etc all was with her and shared with her via whatsapp or messenger. We used to talk and chat for hours and hours and sometimes, used to sleep at 5 in the morning like we are inseparable.

While we are so much connected, I asked her about marriage. Yeah, I forgot to tell you that, she is a christian and I am Hindu. Her answer was “I don’t have any issue with caste or religion, You are well good with heart that is what matter. However, I don’t want to hurt my parents, They are already suffering because of first breakup because the boy was a Muslim. And my family is too religious that they would marry me with any christian in the world, but not from any other cast.” I was happy that, she liked me but, although its a no, I respect her decision. However, I asked her to be close friends forever. She agreed it without any delay “Of course, I assure you that, You are a gift god gave me”. I was more happy to hear that because we were connected so well and I wanted such friend forever. Even I felt proud to have a best friend who is a girl.

Everything was going well. I went to a trekking where connectivity was not there. soon after coming back, I texted her and send her all details. To my surprise, she didn’t reply soon. after sometime, my phone notified a message. While I was expecting a big message with excitement, what I got was a normal smiley with thumps up sign. I checked again and checked the chat too. Yes I send to her only. I replied her to confirm the situation there.

Is everything all right?

‘Yes, just that I have few friends at home. Making few dishes for them so Busy’.

That answer satisfied me.

However, what I sensed that she never become the same girl again. I used to chat her and what I get back was same cliche replies like

mm, hmm, k, ok, 🙂 , Thumps up etc.

Those were frustrating me. One day morning, I called her and ask, however, her answer was more frustrating “Nothing. Everything is normal”.

Days passed and there wasn’t any relief for me. After all, I missed big portion of my routine. My best friend or rather say, the perfect girl I met is not talking to me. That was Easter night. I wished her and she replied back and while we were talking, I asked her about this sudden change. Ultimately she replied.

“We became too close, need to restrict. hence I kept a gap”

Soon I realized that ugly fact. She was using me for get rid of her breakup issues.

Soon I realized that I am being StrangerZoned.




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