Story of a Meat

“I don’t like Dog”. I told to him. With an anxious look he asked me “Why? they are very good with us”. With much more frustration, I answered him “my friend likes him more. he plays with him, as if he better than me”. He laughed and said ” Someone seems to be jealous, that too with a Dog? LOL”. That made me angry. Who the hell is he to comment on me. To ensure him the facts, I started with my story.

I born in a good family where my parents were serving the house owner. Owner have one kid who used to play with me. I love his company and loved the way he take care me like his own brother. We used to play football, catch the ball, make videos, take selfies and what not. But everything stopped and he started to ignore me when this stupid dog came to our family. They used to play all the games and never even mind  my existence. Even if rarely look at me, just gave me a smile and go away. I never understood his mentality”

I felt a bit wet in my eyes. He was looking at my eyes and with a smile he said. ‘Don’t worry, life is like that, we have to meet few temporary people till we die”. I Just gave a thought about it and find it true. He continued ” You know, you at least have a family. I don’t even remember my parents, What I can remember is a jail and they used to put around 3 or 4 of us in one room. We don’t even had the space to sleep, or sit. Life was like hell. I am happy that I am still alive.” He smiled again. What he said was something I couldn’t even imagine myself. How could someone can do it to a life. Looking at my dreadful face, he started again ” well, you are lucky that your owner was very good person who gave you and your parents all the freedom. While most of us don’t enjoy such ownership and live a lifeless life till our death. I felt a bit confused. “lifeless life till our death?” I asked him with doubt and fear. He laughed again. Trust me, that laugh was like a devil’s smile. After that he gave me a devil look and asked “What did your parent told you before leaving?” I replied without any hesitstion. “They weren’t there. My owner told me, Since it is vacation time, they are sending me to some uncle’s factory for his work” He laughed again this time like a ghost. I didn’t liked his laugh and somehow that Dog comes into my mind which prompt me to say Angrily “Stupid Dog”.

Suddenly the vehicle stopped and someone opened the back door. I was curious to know where I would be spending vacation. I saw a big building and I loved the first look. Owner’s house was too small, now I will be playing in big building. That gave me more energy and felt like I got an upper hand before my Enemy. But to some reason, the guys who opened it, was throwing us to another shelter. he also followed me and even after felling on his head, he keeps his mysterious smile. I confirmed that he become total mad by living such life.

Soon they put us in a machine like we are going for a roller coaster life. I felt more excited. he was also near to me with his smile. In a short while, that machine started to moving. I saw that, those are ahead of us started splitting to 2 directions. While I was figuring it out, he said in my  ears, “see you in next life or in any dinner table” It surprised me. before, I could even come into sense, he went to other way and he was still smiling and waving at me. He went too far away and hide inside the machine. I tried to look at him, but all I could hear was some one was screaming inside the machine. yeah, might be enjoying the ride. Sooner I too went inside the machine. It was too dark to see anything and I heard a lot of screaming in inside. Soon, in seconds, something Hit my throat….

Well, that was my story. When you eat any Meat, or already ate, that might be me. 🙂

Go Vegan… because Animal too have life.


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