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Have you ever heard the struggling stories of your Grand Parents once in those under the moon story times? Those who all heard it from them can recollect their cliche 10 KM walk to school, sharing bed with siblings and cousins. Going door to door for opportunities when not just Internet even phones were just an alien thought.  We couldn’t really understand these stories as it almost impossible to digest in this new technological era.

Things are changed, so the Market too. Now social media took over all the medium of market which eventually give us ease to show our talent and slide into the best career. Today I will talk about, a new age social media app, which is a boom and trending all around the world.

MUsically is an IOS and android based mobile app where we can post videos to show our talents. A new Muser could get a wrong impression that this app stands for Music or dance or movie dialogues. However, this application is much more useful and one can post any videos consisting his/her creativity/talent.

Here are some tips and tricks in Musically that will help you to grow your fan base and like flow to achieve Crown and become a Brand in Although becoming a crown user is the ultimate goal in, however, once you achieved it, you could control your fans and use them for your career goal.

Disha Madan, the most popular Muser in India till date, has recently switched her focus to her Youtube channel to make her self to mainstream.

So here are the tips and tricks from my Experience and observation

Add your friend circle in

When you are creating a account, use your facebook and phone contact  friends and add them to your account. It is hard for a new Muser to grow fast without support. So adding your current friends will help you here.

Use edit functions

Learn how to use There are plenty of edit options which can use easily. Like adding your own music, transitions, slow-mo, filters, etc. This will help you to make creative and impressive content to gain more fan following. You could also take video and upload it via Hence you also have option to edit the video outside and upload it.



Use Trendy Hashtags

Use trendy hashtags will boost your videos with good range of visibility. There will be a lot of contests from or from private groups which you can join and grab some attentions. You can find these top trending hashtags in the search tab of


Join Private Groups

There are many private groups created in You could join any one of them and stick to their rules and their hashtags to get continuous support. Such groups will promote your interesting video in other social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. For Example #KeriVaMakkale is the biggest group from Malayalam Musers and there are many like # Parippuvada, #Unniyappam, #Kattankappi, etc.

Spread your content via other social medias.

Share your content via other social medias to get more viewers and fan following. This could also attract more people to and they could follow you in their baby steps. Usage of Instagram is most recommended here as, its features are best for promotional purposes.

Use Top Muser videos. have feature to do videos inspired from other Musers or duet with them. THis option gives you edge to use already uploaded Audio content or do a video with your favourite Muser.  When you are using these options, your created videos will also visible to the followers of that Muser whose video you used. This normally visible in the ‘For You’ tab. Hence do use Top Musers who have higher followers to get maximum reach for your video.

Top Users

Lisa And Lena Still enjoying their most followed user status followed by Loren Gray

Aashika Bhatia Recently overtake Disha Madan’s status of Most followed Indian Muser. Disha who is not so active now and resting at Number 2.

FOllower Trick

Combo of Top User videos and Top Hashtags

To gain maximum range for your video, you Top user’s videos and contests and trending hashtag(You will get the list in Search Tab of  WIth this combination, you can take advantage of Trending hashtag’s range and Top muser’s followers range.

Trending videos

You could see Trending column in the process of creating new video. This trending list decided when your video have maximum reach, views instant likes from viewers. For that, better you use trending hashtags and Top user videos to gain maximum reach.

Recently, Unnati Malharkar gained almost 1.5 million likes for #DameTuCosita challenge and Sowbhagya Venkitesh gained 900k Likes for #Scoobydopapa challenge. This proves good content with correct use of given points can do wonders.

Feature Videos promotes and feature few videos from the list so that they could showcase it to world in their official page. Since it will be used for’s promotional purposes, it should be great content with good visual treat. Hence it is not necessary if the video didnt get much likes, however have their own criteria to select the feature videos. All we could do is to make the videos perfect in all aspect for feature consideration along with recommended hashtags such as #featurethis #featureme.

Go live and express yourself.

Other than your talent, creativity and above tips, only way you could increase the follower list is to go live via and have an emotional connection with your followers and guests. There is another app from called live,ly where you can go live and interact with your followers and guests. This would be an open live session where any Muser can join you and type down their questions. here you can express yourself, your views and make a connection with them so they could stick with you and provide support. You may make unlimited number of followers and likes via live sessions. However, be genuine & nice in the live sessions as any sort of negativity could harm your follower list.


Crown User

Basic criteria for crown is to gain 1 Million likes. However, have rights to give it before or after 1 Million based on the Muser’s video ranges. Hence above tips are to be followed for crowing yourself in Once you are crowned, you could use this fanbase to promote yourself, your product or your associated products. This will ensure a good healthy brand name to build a successful career in your interested field.


Likes and Follow Tricks for those who like shortcuts.

  1. Good Content, good visuals and nicely edited videos are the best way to gain more likes and followers. However, if you lack somewhere here and still want to gain followers. Do the below step which works 100% for gain new followers.
    1. Go to Search tab in
    2. Click on Top Contributers
    3. Go to the profiles of Top Musers listed there. Heighest the followers of that users, higher the chances of getting more number of followers.
    4. Click on follow and then unfollow them. Repeat this process for sometime or as long as you can do. Make sure you ended up following them.
    5. This will gain few followers from their follower list. Try it and see result.
  2. FOllower Trick
  1. You could come across a lot of website which promises to increase your Likes and Follow in a matter of few steps. Dont fall into it. Every website have one gateway and that gateway will ask you to download listed app and run it for 45 seconds. This steps never works. hence avoid using those websites.
  2. As an exception, you can use website This is not a guaranteed resulted trick. however, once in a 10 attempts they gave 50 Follower/Likes for free without any app download. This is tried and tested.

So, This is my experience and observation with musically and I hope you will be benefited with mentioned tips. Wishing you all to climb top of the User list as soon as you deserves to be.

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