Family Pendant

House bell rang. Alina opened the door, however not with her ever-cheering energetic face. She sighted her father opposite to her. They looked at each other for few second and both couldn’t hold their emotions. Her father took her inside and he tried to give her some strength. Look girl, you are a strong one and Amy needs you from now. I know this is the worst time for us. But once you go through this, you are gifting Amy a good future. Before going weak, think about Amy. You can do it girl. Because I know how brave and strong my girl is. His words were effective; however, she still was in deep sorrow.


She gained some strength and cleaned her tears by palm. She turns to her father like a determined girl and said. Dad, please have a word with Andrew. Before completing this sentence, she busted again. Her Father felt so helpless and emotional, with tears he agreed.


Andrew was staring at the street like he would never see it again. Those party songs, joyful crowd, etc. Father walked in slowly and stand beside him. Both enjoyed the busy street for few moments. Nice isn’t it? Father asked him. Without looking at him, Andrew replied “Yes, for me it’s more than nice Dad”. A moment of silence happened and father broke it. “Son, for me there is a reason I call you SON. Because I meant it. I promise you that where ever we have to go or to what extent, I will. Just don’t give up son. You are my kid. I can’t bear such a big lose. Please promise me”. He again was in tear; however, Andrew didn’t move a bit. He is still looking at the busy street. Without moving an Inch, he asked father.  “Yeah, I will Dad, but, please you too promise me that you will look after my life partner and little angel like best way possible. I know you will, but still. “Of course, My Dear “he throws those words somehow. “Dad, I am detected with last stage of cancer, That means, my days are already counted. I don’t know how., but, I will try to live till my last breath. I promise you that”. On a fraction of a second Andrew turned to Dad and spoke it emotionally. “Dad, I don’t have another to call it like that. You are the one for me. Only one”. What followed is an emotional hug between those two which goes for some time.


Andrew Stepped down to ground floor seeking Alina. She was sitting in sofa, looking far like lost in her mind. Andrew slowly walked to her and stood behind Sofa. He wasn’t sure, how to begin. However, after clearing his throat, he started. “Alina, I wouldn’t say much. I don’t think, I can. so, shorting it up. Just, please take care of our child and teach her to be a good person, not just like a girl or a boy. Teach her how to be a good person. Just-just like you. And,,,, I assure you that I will give a fight till my last breathe. You will soon know the result. If that result gives you clarity on my existence, please…please find a guy who can love you as well as our child”. He struggled through his words. Alina listen it out and walk towards him. However, she didn’t look at him. It was evident for Andrew that she was trying to control her tears, but she was failing at it. Somehow with teary eyes, she raised her face and speak out. “She will be grow just like how you wanted. and I will be there with her all the time”. She stopped for a moment and continued. “Andrew. You want your girl to be a good person, just like me. If that so, I am capable of living a life of my own. You will be with me either alive or not. You got it”. She delivers it in an angry note. Andrew’s reaction was a tight hug and that made both husband and wife left in tears. They knew how important these last moments are.


Andrew opened Amy’s door. She is in her zone playing with her toys, totally unaware of what happening in her life. He walked near her. She noticed his footsteps and got up and ran towards him in full joy. he welcomed her with smile. He grabbed her and sat her in bed. For a few moments he observed her innocent face. Her innocence let him forget his current misery. He was just enjoying every bit of his little angel’s expressions. He was in that position where he can just sit and spend his rest of his life… Fed up with dad silence she started calling him. Andrew came back to senses and knowing that he can’t delay it much, speak out his words for her daughter.  “Amy, my little angel. listen to me carefully. You know, you are the best gift god ever given to me. Your smile is what I love the most in this world. However, sometime we will have to be away from our loved ones. you know what to do in such scenarios? be strong enough to wait for the good. that’s what good kids do. Now, Daddy is going to a far place for some work. It may take months, years to come back. But I am sure, you are not going to miss me. Mom and sometimes Grandpa will take care of you”. Amy interrupted him in half way and asked from her shock.  “Why dad, no no, don’t go”. “I know dear, however, as I said, sometimes, loved ones need to stay away. Now what I wanted from you is, always respect and obey your mom and Grandpa. Respect everyone. When I am coming back, I want you to be the best person in this world. Just like your mom. Happiest person in this world. That is what matters to me”. He completed his words for her daughter without giving a hint what going in inside him. “But dad, what I will do about our daily conversation. You are my diary”. Her words hit him and push him to the edge. However, he balanced his emotions and come up with solution.  “Amy, my angel, For that, dad have a solution. whenever you want to let me know something hold this pendant and talk to it. I will hear it from anywhere, Unfortunately, You will not hear my voice. but, trust me, I am getting all. So such way, we will be connected from anywhere anytime. Sounds good my angel?” By saying that, he gave her a cute pendant of a family consist of Father, Mother and a little girl. with a cheerful face she yelled yes and hugged him. While she was happy to be connected with him forever, he was cursing god for detaching him from his princess.


Time has come, Andrew made sure that last sight he will have of his family would be a smiling one. He was reluctant that nobody should see him at hospital. Father, Alina and Amy stood at the entrance door too see off him. he looked at them and invited for a group hug. as instructed, all did it with a happy face. For the final time, he talked to Amy and Said “My little Angel, so as we discussed, be good to everyone, obey Mom and Grandpa and become the best one in this world. In short, be your mom” she readily nodded her face. He looked at Alina and Father and waved at them. He did a quick turn and walked towards gate like he doesn’t want to look back again. That was hurting Alina and Father, however, to fulfil his wish, they controlled themselves.


At the edge of exit, he stood still. for a moment, Alina wished if he could come back to home. He turned back which gave her more hope. But all he did was, waving at Amy. Because, she was holding that pendant and talking to him. Andrew himself surprised that, he actually felt his princess is talking to him. That gesture from him confirm Amy that he is listening to her and she ran into home talking to that pendant. That incident gave Andrew more confidence that Amy wouldn’t miss him much. He waved at Alina and Dad for a final time and went out of their site. Soon he went from her eyes, she broke down. Dad, tried his best to console her, however that pain was deeper inside.


Alina stopped crying, however wasn’t out of that shock she experienced. Her dad was near to her knowing that he couldn’t do much about it. Amy was roaming around there with her toys and frequently she was using that pendant to talk to Andrew. That strikes Alina and called Amy near. Amy told Mom about the deal she has with Andrew. Alina took that pendant and hold it in palm and started to talk. Andrew, I know you might be away for long, we talked about it. Now, all I wanted to say that, you will come back soon. We don’t normally say these Magical 3 words. However, here it is… I love you Andrew. She stopped with more self-relief. I love you Andrew Said Amy and Dad together. That spark a beautiful smile from them. That Pendant was their life line now. a channel to be in touch with Andrew.

Long away, While Andrew was reaching hospital, he felt something in his body. He recollects that same energy he felt while Amy was talking to that Pendant. He thrilled with that sensation and it powered him more confident to go par this difficult path, why not? now he is powered by his family.



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