Diary of an Introvert-Biriyani Love

“I hate eating alone. I mean who does that, how can someone eat alone. Only losers would love it. right?” a shock wave went through my body.

Hyderabadi Biriyani House. Finally I made it. Even living 10KM aside, it wasn’t easy for me to try this delicious biriyani. Even today, I had to ditch my roommates, skip a lunch invitation to finally stand before this famous Bangalore biriyani restarant. All this for eating this yummy dish alone and feel the heaven. Yes I do love to eat alone watch a movie alone. Its my choice, you can call me an introvert.

I find a quiet corner to gain maximum concentration on biriyani and to avoid any possible interactions in case any known person shows up. Finally Waiter approached me.

With a surprising look he asked me “1 person sir?”


“Is it like someone will be joining you?”

“No” I said firmly.

“Ok, tell me sir, what would you like to have?”

“Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biriyani” I said it with excitement.

“Ok Sir, any drinks like coke, thumps up, sprite, fanta, lemon soda, lemon juice”

“Ahh one lemon Juice 🙂 ”

“Ok Sir, one Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biriyani and a Lemon Juice. Thank you Sir” He walk back with a fake smile and few steps after he turn around and ask a frustating question

“Sir, should I wait, in case your friend coming?”

“Bro, it isn’t cool, I already told you I am alone, Just go and order it. Thanks” my voice raised and it sound more rude.

“Sorry sir, it happen many time one person comes and someone or more join them later and we have to change order. I will order your food sir” With a confusing face, he walked away. However, I heard him mentioning that he feels I probably had a recent breakup which may causing this.

I didnt mind it. These are usual response to someone love his own company. People generalize such a way that going single become too awkward and rare incidents.

While I was waiting for that yummy biriyani, someone touched my shoulder. I turned and saw my old friend Anil whom I met 5 years ago showed up. That escalated in my body quickly and felt like whole body froze for a moment. It was like, just before ticking an amazing experience in my todo list, a friend whom I almost forgot, who never contacted me in 5 years just showed and mercilessly erased that perfectly planned moment.

“Hey, Remember, we met a long time ago. Glad we met here. And are you alone?” for this question from Anil, I hesitately replied

“Yeah Alone, sit na” I didn’t mean it, but I had to say it.

“I hate eating alone. I mean who does that, how can someone eat alone. Only losers would love it. right?” a shock wave went through my body.

“Well I am with my girlfriend meet my girl Ananya” He introduced me to his girl I gave away a fake smile. However, I smell and opportunity to change my table.

“Hey, you guys are together, I dont want to be someone in between. I will find another table.”

“Bro, she is cool with it and if you go away, It will hurt me.” He told firmly.

I find it as a friendly blackmail. However, worse feeling was my perfectly planned day was ruining in front of my eyes and I can’t do anything. Now all my hope is on that ordered biriyani and badly waiting to remove all these frustration by tore apart those chicken pieces.

I checked around and all tables are full now hence no escape plan will work. Anil and Ananya were checking menu and they say it loud to me “Hyderabadi Veg Dum Biriyani we will eat”

I couldn’t believe ears. My reaction to that was, dude, why didn’t you go to any normal restaurant for a veg Pulav kind of dish. No, you guys had to ruin my plan hence here you are sitting in front of me.

While all these going in my mind, I replied them “Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biriyani”

A shocking reaction from Ananya “Ewwwww”. I felt it strange, however Anil explained that she dont even share the table where Non veg is there.

I told him back “Anil, I already ordered it, I dont think we can cancel and reorder. if it already coming, I will eat it.”

He didnt had a choice but to agree.

Now all my hope was at that waiter boy. I looked for him and he was looking right at me. He quickly came to me and ask

“Yes Sir tell me”

“You were right Bro, I have friends here” I told him with a fake smile

“Experience Sir” He said proudly

“Yeah yeah, look, I know you already ordered my food, and it probably on its way here. still, my friend dont like non veg in this table, so can we reorder?” I told him hoping to hear a strict no from him.

“Ofcourse Sir” He said confidently

“What?” that came out of mouth before even he finished his word.

“Yes, Sir, Chicken biriyani is in demand here, so we can move it to another table. And I knew someone would come up. hence I already planned a backup.”

“Experience, huh” I said it very emotionally

“Haha. Yes Sir” Said the proud Waiter.

My all hopes shattered. His words were crucifying me. It felt harder than a heart attack, bigger than an elephant, shocking than a lightning. However something more worse was in its way

“Sir, This dish is for this table sir”

Another waiter with a food tray informed him from behind.

” Ok, place this biriyani and lemon in the next table”

That was the hardest view till date. My food, the most anticipated one was going right in front of me and placed at the table right behind my chair from where I could smell its aroma. God knows how I am still alive.

Waiter with his fake smile asked me. “So What would you love to order sir?”

I couldn’t cry or faint hence I controlled and somehow ordered.

“3 Veg Pulav. aahhh. naaa. 3 Hyderabadi Veg Dum Biriyani”









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