Diary Of An Introvert-Attending Wedding

My Mom’s sister’s sister in law’s Friend’s Son’s marriage. Since he met my mom in an event, they invited us and mom insisted me to go with her. I normally avoid wedding functions except of our close ones. Wedding in India considered to be a status symbol and attendees show of their style and beauty as much as they can. After all this is one such occasion where all your relatives and friends comes under one roof.

Mom took around 2 hour to get ready which is considerably less time compare to close relative’s marriages. Even though mom forced me so much to wear modern trendy kurta, I stick with casuals. I know a 27 year old good looking, good dressed boy will be the first target of Status Aunties out there.

Arrangement at the hall was royal. They would have spend at least 10 lakh for the hall decoration itself. Mom was really surprised with the arrangement and winked at me. I really hate it. I don’t want to spend too much money for marriage.

not too late, we met groom’s parents and had a pleasant conversation until, they ask me about my details. That trigger me to somehow break free from mom to avoid possible awkward conversations. Although I was trying to escape, mom was with some agenda to introduce with to all the members out whether they know us or not. Disturbing part was, for each one we been introduced, she used to repeat the same family flow to let them know how we are connected with this family. Worse part was yet to come. Many of those aunts started asking about my job and marriage plans for which I had to blush forcefully because facing them emotionless is rude as per my mom. I was really terrified by saying same dialog

“I am now working as Content writer Aunty.

There is a job called Content writer Aunty, you know jobs are out there other than Doctor and Engineer.

I am just 27 not looking for marriage.

Need to settle down first Aunty.

Waiting for the right girl Aunty.

Hahaha, not badly waiting for Aunty. “

Gosh, I was so frustrated that I finally made washroom excuse and went out of that introduction chapter,

Marriage ceremony went fine It was a grand one from my experience. however, I heard 1-2 uncle and aunties were looking at me informing each other who I am.

I quickly turned to food section to rescue myself from possible attack. Food variety was huge there. I took some Vegan Items as I follow Vegan foods now. No cruelty to any other species policy.

While I am enjoying food, one aunt came to me and started to talk.

“You are Revathy’s son right? She was looking for you. However tell me kid, how are you what are you doing?”

Although I am so pissed off with such questions, I still answered “I am fine Aunty”.

“Haha, don’t avoid my other question, Arjun. What are you doing now? Working?”

I started to feel a rush of frustration from my toe to head. If I spell it out, that surely going to offend this lady, however with some control I replied like below.

“I am now working as Content writer Aunty.

There is a job called Content writer aunty, you know jobs are out there other than Doctor and Engineer.

I am married Aunty. her name is Chinju.

Also have 2 little kids. Anju, Manju.

I already have LIC policy for medical, death, pension Aunty.

Also insurance taken for Children’s study, Aunty.

She is also working and I will make my kids doctor or engineer only because as per society that are the only secured jobs na, Aunty.

And I will not put my parents in Old Age home”.

After my pre-delivered answer, she got confused on what remain to ask. Hence she stood and nodded at me to indicate that she is leaving. I happily smiled at her and concentrated on my meal again.

Few second later I felt a hand in my shoulder. To my shock she came back to me. just how I feared, she was spitting out a question.

“Why don’t you guys look for another kid? A boy is good for family na”

That comment just killed me from inside. I left my meal right there and stood like a dead man and answer her in one sentence and left from there immediately left the hall.

“If I did, Modi will kill me for over population”




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