A Women’s Day Prime Time Debate

“Are you ready sir? ” News Anchor asked me. ” Yes I am” I said firmly. He smiled and concentrated on setting up his show. I am not alone there, they have invited a famous feminism activist, a well known Swamy who is popular through Reality shows, a Congress men and BJP person for political side and a famous Actress and actor. Yes the show is about the discussion on women empowerment on Women’s Day. Being a writer and strong opinion maker for Gender Equality, I am also part of the panel. However, I wasn’t that keen on the outcome of this discussion. You know how it goes in News Channels.


So it was all set and News Anchor started his show. After the energetic introduction he started saying “India is known for worshipping women and treat them like goddess however, the current situations in the country is not something we proud of. On this Women’s day, our expert panel will discuss what is really happening in India and whether the reason is fewer clothes or the mentality of the generation. Let’s start with Swamy. Swami ji why it is happening in India whereas Indian culture gives respect and dignity to Women?”

I knew this is not going to be easy because all of the expert panelists where on their edge with aggression to put their point. After raising the above question, what I saw is a quick escalation of arguments that were not going anywhere.

Swamy Ji : ” Beta, all this happening because of the uncultured girls who are wearing littlte little dresses, drinking alchohol and roaming in road in the mid night. This is against our culture and such girls should be punished and God is giving them.”

Actress : ” What the hell Swami ji, dont we girls have the choice to wear what we like? what about those who are doing this crime? are you justifying them? Just in Cinema field, how many #metoo movements are coming up. dont you have any sense to say such arguments?

Actor : “Well Movie Field is good and all these #metoo are publicity stunt, if they had problem, they should have acted then only, not after 20 years”

Feminist: “See the arrogance and intolerance faces of Indian Men. He is so quick to put all the blame to girls for everything, both this Swamy and actor are good for nothing. Indian girls, it’s your time, gear up for a revolution, we can do it for our self, if needed we will invent sperm generating balls and dildos for delivery. That too customized for giving birth to girls.”

BJP: “See how these generation going, they have a great leader, good government and everything they want. still, due to the influence of 60-year congress effect, all of these generation kids forgot our Sanskrit and culture. What a shame. #Abkibaarwapismodisarkar #modihatohmumkinhai #gharwapasi.”

Congress: “Oh Sirji, what have you done till now. you came to power stating that 15 lakh deposit to all account and what happened to it? if you want to talk about rape cases, what happen to Kathua girl. what happens to many other girls? “

BJP: “You terrorist, If you are not happy with India go to Pakistan. you looted our nation for 60 years now you are blaming our prime minister? Shame on you. “

Well the arguments passed on several rounds, however due to my introvert nature and disiterest for talking loud, I put down my mic and came out of the studio. Later I cameto know that my walkout also become a viral video and breaking news. Huh Money is everything here. Not the solution.

I reached home and was resting on my sofa, I gave a deep thought to this women empowerment subject. One thing I was sure that no news channel debate is going to solve it. All those discussions are distractions and only discussing the temporary issues.

Real solution is to go deep into the core. All girls and boys treated differently from the day they born. they should be treated and equally and should give proper freedom to both genders. Now in India, boys are free from any restriction which is good but, they should learn what is right and what is wrong . However, girls are suppressed from very young age and their exposure to the world is limited compare to boys. this build up a great difference between the common and basic knowledge between them and that difference is actually showing up in the outer world.

To the crimes against women, what I have to say is… No one has the right to interfere in any one’s life or to do any crime to anybody with or without reason. Whether they are girls or boys. Let’s give girls their right and let them grow in the right direction. WHo knows, they may reduce the correction of this money minded world.

Let’s walk towards the progress than wasting on unnecessary arguements.

Happy Women’s Day

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