Simple Elegant and Full of Emotions. That is Kumbalangi Nights for you – Kumbalangi Nights Review

You ever enjoyed the backwaters then Kumbalangi Nights is for you. You ever stayed in a rural yet beautiful homestay and got the glimpses of Local life? then Kumbalangi nights is next level glimpses for you. My Kumbalangi Nighs review is that this simple movie will take you to the root emotions of common life of course accompanied by the beauty of Kumbalangi. It is rare that a place plays an important role in the movie. Without Kumbalangi, I don’t think this movie would have succeeded or ever dared to make.

A real applauds to Fahad, Nazria, Dileesh Pothen and Shyam Pushkar to produce this movie and made way to a number of new comers. New comers include Madhu the biggest plus of this movie – Director, Anna Ben who brilliantly portray the character of Baby, Mathew who bring alot of positivity and innocence to the movie through his character Franky and of course Grace Antony, although she is not new comer this movie indeed a turning point in her life by performing one of the best character she could expect in her early career.

Shyam Pushkar’s well researched story outshined everything and Madhu showed us the best version of that story. It wouldn’t be unfair to ignore the masterwork behind the camera by Shyju Khalid as I already mentioned without Kumbalangi’s beauty this movie is nothing. Before talking about the movie and acting performances, I have to mention the supporting staff and their dedication to making this movie with perfection and level up from a simple movie to technical brilliance and of course, the one of the biggest engaging factor is its music with well dwell with Kumbalangi and mood of the story. Thank you Sushin Shyam for the brilliant masterpiece.

Story Line

The story revolves around 4 brothers who unfortunately had pathetic parental care and living their life almost like orphans. While leading a hopeless life they dive into innocent relationships and incidents that bring some hope in their life.

Kumbalangi Casts

Let’s start with Saji, the most relatable and memorable character in the line. Probably the best performance by Soubin, he managed to showcase many brilliant moments in the run whether it is banging his head in the post after coming back from police station or asking Franky to take him to Hospital. His character was so relatable and evidently the most difficult character to act in the whole movie.

Shine Nigam played the most chill and young character in his life through Bobby. It was a treat to watch him in the movie and his combinations with his love interest Baby was most loved and romantic sections of the movie. Baby on the other hand well taken care by Anna Ben who showed one of the best performance in the movie without any evidance of a debut girl. Not only her expressions but her acting in important scenes were also equally brilliant.

Grace Antony who portrayed the role Simi – wife of Shammi is another notable character and undoubtedly one of the best and subtle performance of the year. Her calm reactions and Bold performance in the climax totally won many hearts. Sreenath Basi secured the role of Bonny who is a dancer and also happened to be a dumb. Mathew on the other hand is debutant and played a calm and innocent character called Franky.

Other Notable characters were the Prashanthan played by Sooraj Popz and Sumeesha played by Riya Saira. They played the love interest for each other and both are friends of Bobby and Baby. Their combinations and expressions are well clapped and received in the theatre. One of the special attraction to Kumbalangi was the presence of Jasmine who played the character of Nylah who is a tourist and also the love interest of Bonny. Her acting may directly compared with our Sudani boy John Samuel, however with less screen space she did able to set a notable mark in the screen.

Well, the review would definitely not complete without mentioning Fahad Faasil. With the most unique and challenging role of his life time, his role more kind of an antagonist with a psycho touch. He definitely increase the tempo of the film to another level and we can always can say that “Shammi Hero aaneda Hero

Kumbalangi Nights is undoubtedly one of the perfectly made classic super hit. Credit goes to the whole crew for pulling out a real stunner. When it comes to acting, the best part is that all the casts catch the level of Fahad and played their role with utmost perfection. Those who havent watched the movie, you are really gonna miss it and those who watched only once, watch it again.

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