Everything about Giethoorn – The Best Place to Visit in the Netherlands- Venice of the North

What would be your answer if somebody asks your opinion on the best places to visit in the Netherlands?

Yeah, I know. All are obsessed with Amsterdam and its glorified excessive freedom.

However, being a peace seeker, introvert and nature lover I would highly recommend you this tiny little yet the most beautiful place in Netherlands ‘Giethoorn’.

A Little Intro

Giethoorn is situated at the northeastern part of Netherland under the Overijssel province. To give more details, it’s under the Steenwijkerland municipality and 5 KM far from Steenwijk city. Giethoorn is also known as ‘Venice of the North’ You know why? Well obviously because of the enchanting canal routes and no road policy it carries along with world-famous Italian city Venice.

History To be Told

Giethoorn have an interesting history to tell. It was founded in the 13th century by farmers and you guessed it right, they occupied the land from that day. Interestingly the farmers found a lot of goat horns from the deep ground. Probably those are the remainings of goats who affected by the flood in the 11th century.

Fun fact is that goat horns are called ” Geytenhoren” in Dutch and since it was a dutch land, that village got that name “Geytenhoren”. Yeah, Dutch is like that, an interesting group of homo sapiens who can find funny part of anything. As time lapses, the name of the village shortened and now it’s known as “Giethoorn“.

Another fun fact about the village is most of the houses here are not build there and transfered from another city via boats itself. Don’t be so amazed, they are the once who successfully stop the ocean entering the nation after the huge flood in the 11th century.

Being 3-time self-experienced, I would give you a clear picture of Giethoorn experience.

Journey to Giethoorn

Netherland local travel is expensive, hence for day trips like Giethoorn, look for an all-day pass in local stores. It’s limited in stock so you will have to really search in advance for it. You can use ns.nl or application 9292 for travel fare and up to date travel options.

If you are in Amsterdam, you have to take the train to Utrecht central and divert your journey to Steenwijk station. Next, take 270 number bus to Giethoorn and hop out at Giethoorn bus stop. Total journey will cost you around 25-27 Euro and 2 and a half hours. Don’t worry about the time. Dutch summer climate will never let you feel tired.

Once you are in Giethoorn you will know what we are talking about. These uploaded pictures will become real before your eyes and trust me, This is the best place in Netherland.

Giethoorn offers you boat trip and bike(bicycle. For Indians -Dutch call them ‘bike’. live with it) trip https://www.giethoornboeking.nl/boating this link will give you an idea of rates you can by boats or bikes. we chose the Whisperboat max. 4 pers. option.

Boat ride lets you enjoy the natural beauty of Giethoorn and it is so calm yet funny to ride a boat through those narrow canal routes that soon you will start enjoying it. There are bridges and nearby fields where you can stop your boat and relax a bit. Of course, you can use your cameras there. Who doesn’t want great pictures?

The biggest fun part is that the boat route will let you drive to the open water area which is wide and long along with a small island in the middle of it. Trust me, that island is the best photographic place I could find in Netherland. It’s a beautiful island with amazing views, green surroundings, etc. bear me if I miss adjectives, you can add it when you experience yourself.

While you return, you will surely take a unique experience to the home. riding a boat which you don’t have prior experience. hitting it to other boat which surprisingly spreading a smile. Following other fellow riders and have small talks with other tourists. All this in the middle of a calm and beautiful place called ‘Giethoorn’.

Note: You can carry your food, or else you will get quality food from the supermarket and nearby restaurant in Giethoorn.

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  1. Nyc one….. Any fooding suggestions u would love to add..?? Or is there something that is worth a taste at Giethoorn…

    1. Fish and chips combo is the most favourite one I had there. However, dutch doesnt known for their delicious food. Hence, I dont have an highly recommend take on food items. However whatever you get there, all are fresh and healthy. They are really particular about health ✌️✌️✌️👌👌👌.

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