ROOH Short film Review – A Soumya Sadanandan Film

Rooh Short film Review

“We don’t know until and unless we are there” This one is perfectly apt for this one minute short film by Soumya Sadanandan

ROOH is an individual who is on the verge of finding himself or rightly say, herself. What Soumya showing in this one minute flick is collecting ROOH’s life struggle & determination and showed us through the most important one minute of ROOH’s life.

A perfectly articulated one minute of ROOH’s life that shows how well can  background, voice, pictures, actions says a thousand stories within the short span of time. Soumya and her team really did it superbly and wish to see more such theme and work from them. Krishna. You one the heart of many within those few seconds.


Wondering why I am so vocal about a one minute movie? Just watch ROOH here below and read rest of my lines.

Within those one minute, ROOH showed different aspects of our life. Something we ignore, something we don’t realize well. Here are those points

Inner Struggle

First few visuals of ROOH shows a few hanged images that reflect her struggle throughout her journey. 

 Being born as someone whom you aren’t, that too in a conservative Indian society is like an infinite trap. A lot of struggle and determination need for someone like ROOH to get out of that trap

Mother's Inhibition

A few seconds of conversation with ROOH’s mother shows that her mother is not fully convinced over her decision to be transwomen, However, give her a green signal to go ahead. 

Although, ROOH is an individual and doesn’t need an approval from anyone to live her life. But a positive word from her mother did made an emotional change in ROOH’s life. Something our parents or we should take a note “to let any individual chase there dream without our unnecessary judgements and push backs”

Lets Get Rid of the Past

We could see that ROOH is packing a lot stuff and no too late, it is revealed that those were her past items that she want to get rid of. 

Many of us are struck in the past for no reason. Whatever the reason many, we cannot do much about the lost days. ROOH here showing the importance of let of those past days where she was not herself to be a complete new person.

Friends that Matter

ROOH is constantly chatting on a group and could see playing couple of her friend’s voice note.  

However, it was refreshing to see that they were her childhood friends and stood by her and helped to find her true self. How do I know about all these details? The Whatsapp group is named “Mission ROOH” and she uploaded their childhood pic in the group.

Switching Her identity in Instagram

Well, Social media is now an official place in our society to see who is doing what. ROOH let herself shown to that society that she is changed to her real self. Well all it takes a great will power show yourself to the world and ROOH is doing all these with a magical smile. 

Soumya Sadanandan ROOH

The credit goes to Soumya and team for this simple yet effective one minute master piece. Work like these should be appreciated and cannot go unnoticed.

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