Indian Bestselling Book RANDAMOOZHAM Review

Randamoozham book review

“As the facts are about to fly out, myths are about to be busted, believes are going to be tested, then Gods can no longer be Gods.” 


In a country that based on believes, known for spirituality and known for different hindu mythical stories, can somebody ever question those holy books?

Randamoozham book review

MT Vasudenvan Nair was determined enough to find the logically possible story that made today’s holy book Mahabharatha. 

Well, this is not new for him. The man behind “Oru Vadakkan Veeragaadha story, where an ancient story based on Kerala’s Karalipayattu families, gave another perspective to the original story by narrating it from Original Villian’s eyes and eventually made him the hero in his story.

There are a few things that should be noted while or after reading this master art. Because, we Indians, don’t ask questions when it comes to religion.

Mahabharatha - Another Period Story?

Although author didn’t really stressed this point anywhere, he gave us another point of that chances of Mahabharatha could be a period story. However, he literally proved that any story can be different if we looked from another angle. Quite interestingly, the way he conveyed Mahabharatha from Bheema’s Angle, Things were alot different that holistic story.

Bheema as Main Protagonist

In his version, Bheema is the main character and he did everything for Pandavaas unlike in the original where He was just a tool to Arjun and Krishna. Here, he was emotional, loyal to his family, lovable, etc. 

Krishna with a Cunning Mind

You wouldn’t see a God characterized Krishna here. Here, Krishna is cunning and don’t really mind to be a bit selfish for victory. Something that no one will expect him to be. No where in the story he portrayed as God. To be precise, no one has a godly appearance in this story.

Why Randaamozham is Period Story

Randamoozham is telling us about the cast differences, patriarchy, fight among men for woman, exploitation of kind people, etc. We will felt bad about Bheema leaving his first wife, Hidimbi. Or How Pandavaa used Ghadolkhajan. Something we could still relate now.

Ghadolkhajan Emerged as my Personal Favourite

Needless to say, our most favourite character from Mahabharatha would be Krishna. However, Ghadolkhajan steel the show in Randamoozham with his honest andbrilliant character portrayal. On the other hand, Krishna showed his heartless side and this was one the moment author managed to let reader understand that Mahabharatha could be a period story from Indian history.


India is a home to spirituality, However, it s often considered as Mythical one by us Indians itself.

 In such a country, writing a book on Mahabharatha and giving a realistic point of view to it is a courageous and brilliant effort from M.T Vasudevan Nair. The book also mentioned the history of racial differences, Misuse of innocent people and after effect of selfish and ego minds in a very subtle way. One of the best book that I read in my life.

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