JOJI Movie Review

Joji Movie Review

Joji is a psychological family drama movie that concentrated on the life of Joji and his psychic journey to achieve his materialistic goals.

Being a Dileesh Pothen Movie, the realism in each and every scene was crisp and sharp which convey the relatable emotions and scenarios. Something that Dileesh never got it wrong.

Fahad Faasil As JOJI

For me Joji is a victim of Social pressure and materialistic life that family and society forced on him.

Fahad being Joji is the perfect cast we could ask for. best part is, Whom we saw on the screen was never our Fahad Faasil. That guy was psychic, materialistic, emotionless Joji. There are many point where we can understand his character, even though there is no justification for his criminal actions.

Baburaj as JOMON

Real pleasure was watching Baburaj in his real acting strength. 

Jomon is one of the character who is little human and live on his on. His fate and believes are well curated before audience by Director as well as Baburaj. arguably his best till now.

Joji Movie Review

Shammi Thilakan as FELIX

Felix is the realistic representation of a Society. All his actions are for the sake of formality and to please the society. 

A man who is there for you but not there for you, that is Felix for you. He is cunning, manipulative and materialistic in nature. dileesh has juiced out Shammi to mould Felix in his best shape. Subtle yet powerful performance from Shammi and This might be his grant comeback to limelight.

Joji Movie Review

The art of Direction -Dileesh Pothen

If you have already watched this movie, Might be wondering that why there is stellar performance even from small characters.

Be it Bency by Unnimaya Prasad or other characters, no one has failed in their scenes. Dileesh has his magical conenction with his actors and technicians that he could mold them into his desired characters. He has done it before and continuing it successfully. Even though the first impression should go to Fahad for his stellar Acting skills, at the end, this is a Dileesh Pothen’s Brilliance. 

Joji Movie Review


Joji is a must watch for all Movie lovers. Doesnt matter if you know malayalam or not. 

This movie is going to take you to different aspects of life and how well an International Story Macbeth can adapted into a regional story. Do watch it on Amazon prime.

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