Aarkariyam Movie Review

Aarkariyam Movie Review

Story of a Normal Family life during Pandemic with a deep rooted  secrecy

Aarkariyam is a family drama that showcase the life of a Malayalee family in this pandemic scenario. Shirley (Parvathy) & Roy (Sharafudheen) joining Shirley’s Father Ittyvaria (Biju Menon) due to the Covid 19 Virus spread in India. As they lead a calm and village life there, Roy’s ongoing business commitments strike them with a good amount of debt, During their effort to solve the financial issue. Some unsolved & hidden things peeps out to make things worse

Biju Menon At his Best

Ittyvaria is far aged man with his own secrets at his own world. His believe on God is evident from many scenes and he believes that God is surely have a plan for all. 

Aarkariyam Movie review

Biju Menon did a great artistic work as this is his first attempt to act as an Old aged character. In the whole movie, he catch the Ittyvaria like he own it and Ieven felt many resemblance with my Grand Father’s body languages and characteristics. I am sure you will feel the same while experiencing Ittyvaria.

Versatile Sharafudheen

Roy is the husband of Shierly and son in law of Ittyvaria. He is the one who went into a financial trouble and his transformation is well captured by the director and the Actor. 

Aarkariyam Movie aReview

Sharafudheen as Roy is the most surprising aspect of this movie. Roy might be the most valuable addition to his prospering career. Just like Ittyvaria, Roy has a multiple layered characterization. From being a secured Family man to a financially broke individual and to a secret keeper for the rest of his life is a difficult character phase to act & convince. Being Sharafudheen, who is known for his Comedy roles, is a challnging role to play. However, the Varathan Villian is in a streak of challenging roles and this one truly the biggest among all. 

Parvathy as Shierly

Shierly is a bold and practical wife, a modern girl’s representation. However, she is affected with Roy’s financial crisis as well as Father’s lone life at native. 

Aarkariyam Movie Review Parvathy Thiruvoth

Shierly is a cakeawalk for Parvathy as the layers of this character is somewhat less than Ittyvaria & Roy. However, the way she carried the character, we never saw the Parvathy in the movie, It was Shierly all along. Her situation, fear as a wife all are well conveyed by Parvathy. Well, She is afterall the Parvaty Thiruvoth.


Aarkariyam is straight picturization of a normal Kerala family life. How they live & how some incidents change their mindset for the rest of their life.

The term “Aarkariyam” (Who Knows) is itself a phrase used by Ittyvaria which he often used after a particular incident in his life. He is moved to a believer of God for adjusting his guilt as a conspiration of God. A typical rescue method of most human when they know they cannot escape from their sinful act.

However, Film ending on a note where Ittvaria & Roy shares the burden of secrets. However, they couldn’t entirely blame anyone for what happened. Which is convincing for me as an Audience. Some acts may feel right, even if it is inhuman. The entire team deserves the credit

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