Honest TOP 5 Kerala Restaurant in Bangalore

The blissful morning with steamed Puttu & Kadala curry, addictive aroma of plantain leaf meeting kerala’s nostalgic wrappd buffet called Pothichoru & the ever long lastingfood crush of entire malabar area – the Thalassery Salkara Biriyani. 

Are already in the swiggy/Zomato pages? Food is definitely an addiction for Indians and Malayalees has always been on top in that list. Our rich coastal lands & beautiful hill areas does give us an overwhelming varieties of food throughout the state.

However, when it comes to Bangalore, we are not lucky enough to enjoy the same cuisine with same authenticity. Although, there are many restaurants who are claiming to be authentic, none o them really laddered up. Here I am sharing my honest TOP 5 Kerala restaurants in Bangalore that still reserve some hope for Malayalees.

Restaurant Chef Pillai

Trust me, I never had food from here. However, all the reviews and experiences shared by close ones in person is letting me believe that, the best Kerala restaurant is indeed Restaurant Chef Pillai. 

Quality and high standard is definitely something they are depending upon. Obviously the brand Chef Pillai is, restaurant has to be in such standard and worth the hype. However, do keep in mind that you are paying for his brand & keep your wallet filled well.

While the Restaurant Chef Pillai is dealing on brand, when its come to taste & cost proportion, this very much new restaurant in Arekere is definitely worth more than Chef Pillai in terms of  the authentic taste they offer.

Since I tasted their food several time and associated with several time, one thing I can guarantee that, the taste never disappointed me. I always felt that authenticity in my taste buds from Beycam. Be it Almost a Mini sadhya Pothichoru or the truly marriage biriyani of Malabar – the Thalassery Salkara biriyani. They are just so consistent with their food that it is hard to believe that they are still a newbie in this business.


While Beycam is serving Malabar and Kerala’s food well, Muthassi of BTM layout is an old fellow with vast Bangalore experience in serving the mi kerala food at it best.

 They are so authentic when it comes to serve Thrissur/Palakkad based food that I literally feel at home while having it. If you are from Thrissur area and missing home food, just reach out to Muthassy.

Calicut Restaurant, Mathikere

The steamed puttu & spicy kadala curry or the soft & crispy Malabar Porotta with Egg curry.  actually deserve.

These are common man’s food that we used to get in villages. Calicut restaurant is so good at recreating it, I am personally addicted to have them in the morning. Trust me, they are not getting credit what they actually deserves. By the way, Do not by Egg roast & Dosa, I did not liked it and Muthassy do serve the best dosa & egg roast.

Kaayal Restaurant

I never had food from Kaayal recently and not sure if the restaurant is still there. 

This restaurant from Brookfield did served some of the authentic food with great quality. Their lunch meal, seafood items & Sunday breakfast were so delicious that I still can recollect the taste. If it is available, please do visit..

Wondering why I did not mentioned many known names yet? Thalassery is so bland in taste now that I had constipation after having their dum biriyani. Salt Mango Tree of Indira Nagar felt overpriced & Shaapu was good but not worth to be in this list. 

I believe, it is better have faith on some new restaurants like Beycam here they determined to serve the food that we love rather than ordering from a restaurant chain like Thalassery that serving the mediocre food under the big name.

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